About Us

Hüsnü Özmen Gıda San. ve Tic A.Ş. was established in 1925 by Hüsnü Özmen for wholesale of food materieals. . After the death of Hüsnü Özmen in 1966, his sons Hayri, Salih Zeki and Hasan continued their food wholesale business. In addition to food wholesaling, it has also been active in yellow lentil processing in 1972, broadbean processing in 1980 and wheat for Noah’s pudding processing facilities in 1990.

After 2000, Hüsnü Özmen Gıda started to produce lentil flour, strengthening its activities with new breakthroughs. Sortex(color sorting), heat treatment equipments(drying), quality control and microbiology laboratories have been started to operate. The products are subjected to microbiological, physical and moisture analyzes and are sent to the appropriate specifications and analysis reports according to the food legislation.Hüsnü Özmen Gıda San.ve Tic A.Ş has started to operate dryed Rice Flour production in 2005 and became a sought trademark in the market. In 2007 Precooking and drying plants were estabilished with purpose of meeting demands of companies producing ready made soups and instant prouducts.

Our company, which has BRC certificate serves as a national and international large firm supplier with 92 years market experience. Our Company aiming to become a leader in food sector with continuons investments and activities with 10.000 sq.Mt area on 24th Km of İzmir - Ankara highway, meets 80 % of Yellow Lentil production, 70 % of Wheat for Noah Pudding, production and 80 % of broad bean for mashed broad bean production in Turkey with OZMENLER trademark.