15 Eylül 2017


Gluten is a group of proteins found in some grains, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats. There are about 30 different types of protein in wheat, but only two of them form a similar hard and elastic substance, known as gluten and gliadin, gluten, when combined with water. Some people have a special sensitivity towards gluten. People with celiac disease, ie gluten allergies, do not digest gluten-rich vegetables, and gradually erode the villi (small protrusions) in the small intestines, causing the food absorption to deteriorate and become uncomfortable. Celiac disease; normal bread, pasta, pastry, pastry, biscuits and many other foods can not consume. Corn flour, rice flour, lentil flour, such as some food can be consumed products can be made. Gluten-free products consist of a small […]
17 Ağustos 2017


Aşure is one of the most importent food item in Anatolian culture. The word Aşure comes from Aşir word which means ten in Arabic language. Aşure is made and shared In Muharrem month to increase the welthness. It has the legumes of Anatolian territory like wheat,beans and chickpea. Besides these Aşure has also dried and fresh fruits,spices and nuts. There are a lot of stories about first Aşure coming out. But the most knowing one is about the ship that grounded which is belong to Nouh prophet. The crew in the ship made a food which is like a soup and its Aşure. This ritual still continiues in Islamic culture and also in other cultures with different names.